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Portraits of Lincoln 

Early Incidents in Lincoln's Life 

Abe Lincoln Shows up in Morning Abe Lincoln as an Ox-Driver— Removafto" Illinois 

Lincoln Working by the Firelight 

Early Incidents in Lincoln's Life 

Lincoln at the Slave Market in New Orleans 

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m/M ^" 

Young Lincoln as a "Bcw-Hand" 

Buildings Associated with Lincoln's Life 


Boyhood Haunts of Lincoln 

Sangamon River, below New Salem 

Around the Bend, above New Salem The Cn 

Lincoln the Lawyer 


Lincoln the Lawyer 

Lincoln-Douglas Debate 

Lincoln in Politics 

Miscellaneous Incidents 


Lincoln in the White House 


J*Htt -'• *rfi i Miscellaneous Incidents 

.incoln Raising Flag at Independence Hall, Philadelpl 


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and leading panic 

.ants in American H 

<f of the Continent to 

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The illus- 

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Co, 220 F 

fth Ave. 

New York. 

Lincoln in the Black Hawk War 

Lincoln in the White House 

Reading of Emancipation Proclamation 

Lincoln and Family 

The Lincoln Family 

Lincoln and the Army 

Lincoln and His Generals 

Gen. Scott Taking Leave of the President and Cabinet 

Death of Lincoln and Funeral Obsequies 

Remains Lying in State at Chicago 

The Conspirators and Capture 


The Lincoln Conspirators 

A T H 

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Sfe 1/ - 

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The Military Court that T 

Lincoln Memorials and Relics 


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Catacomb and Sarcophagus 

Lincoln Memorials and Relics 

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gy ozs<sj 

Lincoln on Saving 

Abraham Lincoln was a believer in the husbanding 
of resources. He once said regarding saving money: 

11 A GOOD general always plans 
/— \ for retreat in case of defeat. It 
is so in life and in business. A 
man should always be prepared for defeats 
and emergencies. The only asset a working 
mm has is what he earns from his labor and 
if he is wise he will see to it that some part 
of his earnings is always put away for a 
rainy day." 

In Lincoln's day there were no banks where an 
account could be opened with but One Dollar, and 
the account draw interest. 

This Bank is the highest type of the Modern Sav- 
ings Bank, and always stands ready to help you in 
your efforts to provide for the future. 


$ M|iln3 JBnrat $c g>amtt00 Sank 

Corner Main & Prairie Streets.